posted on October 3rd 2013, at 15:30
by lunarg
This project was a pass-time for me when I was a student. It is an emulator for Gameboy/Gameboy Color games, and was a rewrite from another open-source project (by a certain Rusty Wagner).

The project never hit the stable rate as it was more for myself than anyone else. Originally, there were three different editions available, but ultimately, this one is the most stable (but with the least extra features). It is still far from bug-free, and hardly finished.
For a time, the application had its own website and download page, and during that time was closed source. As I no longer do anything with it, similar to its original author, it gets released as open-source as well.

The project was  ...
last updated on June 5th 2011, at 12:57 by lunarg

The binary installer of GBC Emulator Lite Edition v2.04. Note that this version is compiled from the current source and therefore probably contains quite a few bugs.

Windows executable
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The source of GBC Emulator Lite Edition v2.04. This is the most mature version (with the most recent code).

ZIP archive
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