by lunarg on September 3rd 2015, at 14:08

The internal health monitoring system may report Unhealthy, and an error similar to the following is reported by SCOM:

Alert: {2} Resolution state: New
Alert: {2}
Source: EXCH02 - Compliance
Last modified by: System
Last modified time: 9/3/2015 11:43:37 AM Alert description: EMSMDB.DoRpc(Logon) step of ComplianceOutlookLogonToArchiveRpcCtpProbe/EXCHDB03 has failed against proxying to Unknown for
Latency: 00:00:00.9250000
Error: Error returned in LogonCallResult. Error code = WrongServer (0x00000478)
Log: RpcProxy connectivity verification

This is usually caused by invalid HealthMailboxes (e.g. health mailboxes that no longer exist or have been moved because a database has changed).

You can attempt to resolve the situation, but it's probably more easier to simply let the Exchange Health Monitor re-create the HealthMailboxes.

  1. On each Exchange mailbox server, stop the Microsoft Exchange Health Manager service:
    net stop MSExchangeHM
  2. Remove all HealthMailbox accounts in Active Directory.
    They are in the Microsoft Exchange System Objects/Monitoring Mailboxes container.
  3. On each Exchange mailbox server, start the Microsoft Exchange Health Manager service:
    net start MSExchangeHM
    The mailboxes will be re-created in a few minutes after the service has been started.