posted on March 4th 2014, at 13:03
by lunarg
In normal circumstances, Outlook would configure itself using a procedure called Autodiscovery: all server settings and logon names would be configured by downloading configuration settings from a certain site, eliminating the requirement to know any server settings. Office 365 also makes extensive use of Autodiscovery for this and other purposes. In case of migrations, or when Autodiscovery is not available or does not apply (e.g. Outlook 2007), you can also manually configure your Office 365 account. Although this used to be pretty straight-forward, since they moved to Exchange 2013, manual configuration of Outlook has become a bit more complex.

Since its upgrade to Exchange 2013, Office   ...
On September 12th 2014 at 22:24, Nerf wrote:

running o365 using unencrypted seems to be a bug risk here. is it really running that way is there no other way to have the security features use