posted on December 17th 2009, at 22:40
by lunarg
If you ever happen to get locked out of a SBS 2008 system, with no way to get back in as Administrator (it's easier than you might think), use the instructions in this blog should get you back up and running.
Note that you will have to have physical access to the server, or else it will be very challenging to solve the problem.
The content of this has been tested for real on an SBS 2008 which had this problem. Check out the bottom of the page for the sources I used to compile this post.

For a background story, read this post.

In order to get in the server, we need some way of an account and password. As the SBS is a domain controller, you can't simply use the local Administrator account...  ...
On September 8th 2011 at 16:18, lunarg wrote:
Thanks Matthew for the correction. I've fixed in the post. I'm glad to hear this method worked for you.
On September 3rd 2011 at 09:35, Matthew Blackford wrote:
Thank you for this excellent write up. You have saved me a lot of trouble with getting back into a server.

Minor correction about unlocking a user account. Make sure you have a the "d" in "disabled no" parameter.
On July 16th 2010 at 01:02, Steve Thresher wrote:
Just used this guide and it worked a treat.

I found I didn't have to specify 'DC=example,DC=lcl' in the dsquery command line to get the list of users.
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