posted on July 3rd 2018, at 14:58
by lunarg
When using VMware vConverter Standalone 6.1 or newer, performing a P2V may fail very early in the process with the following error:

FAILED: A file I/O error occurred while accessing ''.

You can work around the issue by enabling Use proxy mode on the Destination System page at the conversion wizard. As an alternative workaround, perform the P2V directly to a ESX host.

The reason for the error has to do with the ESX host's certificate not being trusted when performing a P2V to a vCenter.

If the Use proxy mode does not resolve your issue, please check whether the FQDN of the ESX host is resolvable on the machine running vConverter. Even when using strictly IP addresses, the FQDN still  ...
On January 29th 2019 at 22:55, Leisa wrote:
Thank you! I was troubleshooting this issue for an hour and almost gave up until I came across your solution. Enabling the "use proxy mode" did it. It made it a bit slower, but fixed the issue with not being able to P2V.
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