by lunarg on May 20th 2014, at 15:32


Adds a Shutdown icon to be added to the Windows 8 start menu. Clicking the icon opens the old Shut Down Windows dialog where you can shutdown or restart the computer.

The shortcut points in fact to a VBScript which calls the Shut Down Windows dialog, present since Windows 95.


Download and install the script. An icon will be placed inside the legacy start menu. Because the NSIS installer system does not yet provide ways to handle Windows 8 start tiles, you will probably manually have to add the tile. To do this, go to the start screen, then search for Shutdown, right-click it and pin it to the start screen. Alternatively, you could also pin it to the taskbar if you prefer.


Because it's a VBScript, the source is automatically available. Look at Shutdown.vbs in the installation directory to find it.


2014-05-20: Disabled the check for Windows 8 again so it's usable on any PC to shut it down when connecting through RDP.

2013-10-29: I've added additional languages to the installer, along with a check to prevent the script from installing on other OS'es than Windows 8 or up.

This software has been obsoleted by Windows 8.1 Update 1 as it puts a Power icon on the top right corner of the start screen.