by lunarg on April 28th 2007, at 00:37

The problem...

If you happen to have keyboard trouble when you SSH with PuTTY to a Debian system, you might want to read on.
With trouble, I mean one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Numeric keypad not working, even with numlock enabled/disabled
  • Home/End keys not working as they should
  • Function keys not working as they should
  • Other weirdness concerning keyboard...

The solution...

We've figured out a possible solution to the problem. It has been tested (and used) extensively by my and a collegue, and have found it working perfectly on Debian Woody and Debian Sarge.
It may be possible that these settings also work on other distros having similar problems. If it does, please let us know so we can add it to the article here.

Change the key sequences for function keys and numpad to linux:

Change the Terminal-type string to linux (instead of xterm):

Although this fix worked for us, it may break compatibility with other distros. If you know of such a breakage, add it to this article (or let me know so I can add it; comments and/or other issues concerning this article are welcome as well) - thanks.