posted on June 22nd 2012, at 16:00
by lunarg
We updated Avast to the latest version on a client's server running SBS 2011. The update apparently included antispam. All of a sudden, the Transport service kept failing, and all messages (in both directions) landed in the Poison Queue. Restarting the Transport service did not fix the issue, and there was nothing we could do.

Googling around, we found that the trouble was indeed related with Avast. Disabling the Antispam Shield did not resolve the issue, but disabling the transport agent in Exchange, via Powershell was the fix:

disable-transportagent "avast antispam for exchange"

After disabling the agent, everything came to life again.

@ Avast: you should really start  ...
On August 8th 2012 at 03:01, Rob Allison wrote:
I agree. This issue persists even after avast has been removed from the system. This was my first venture using avast on a server. I only tried it because at the release of SBS 2011 there weren't a lot of choices. I'm glad the client did not chose to stay with this product. We settled on Aviria.
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