posted on October 30th 2009, at 13:26
by lunarg
Since Office 2007 (and Vista), TWAIN has been kicked out in favour of WIA. As a result, it is no longer possible to use your favourite and robust TWAIN based scanner with Office 2007.
Most scanners come with the necessary software, and thus, you can circumvent the issue by using their software. However, there are various scanners - notably, office network scanners, like those on copiers, do not have such a tool. They have their driver's internal system which is callable in other software (like Office-applications). In the event that the driver is only supporting TWAIN interface for image acquisition, they do not show up in Vista's scanner list, and therefore, they cannot be used by Office 20  ...
On December 5th 2012 at 17:36, Office Admin wrote:
(cannot insert image from scanner word 2007)

Wow - Thank you for the clear directions, script, and explanation! It worked perfectly.
We can now scan documents directly into MSWord 2007 with our old TWAIN HP scanner!
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