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Intellectual property

  • This website's design (including logo and design) is property of Jelle Hillen (Black Manticore), and therefore protected by international copyright laws concerning Internet Publication.
  • Content on this website remain property of its author(s). It is licensed under Creative Commons, unless otherwise mentioned. The author retains the right to change the license type, change or remove content owned by said author.

Terms Of Usage

By using this website, you automatically agree to the terms set below:

  1. Black Manticore remains the owner of this website, and retains the right to change or remove content as it sees fit, without prior notification to the author(s) of changed/removed content.
  2. It is explicitly prohibited to to copy and/or reproduce the website's design (including logo and design), partially or as a whole, without prior explicit and written consent by its author(s).
  3. The contents on this website comes with absolutely no warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law.
  4. Black Manticore cannot be held responsible for content provided by others, not of its validity, its contents, or its infringement of copyright laws. Verification of validity is not done by Black Manticore, and is the sole responsibility of its author(s).
    However, if copyright infringement has occurred, and the original author/publisher can indicate such infringement, Black Manticore will comply with international law, and remove the subject of the infringement.
    Likewise, Black Manticore has the right to alter or remove content if said content contains false or offending contents.
    If any of the above situations occur, use the contact form to notify Black Manticore of this.
  5. You are implicitly allowed to copy and/or reproduce content, parts of this website, partial posts or posts as a whole, without asking explicitly for permission from its author(s) for personal use, unless said content's copyright clause is explicitly present and mentions otherwise.
  6. Republishing (i.e. "quoting") said content, both electronically or otherwise, is allowed without explicit consent, unless content's copyright clause is explicitly present and mentions otherwise.You are required to report the origin of the content.
Last updated: November 28th, 2009
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