posted on March 27th 2013, at 16:31
by lunarg
Occassionally, Windows 7 has a tendency to automatically create an excessive amount of various tunnel adapters, ranging from isatap, 6to4 and Teredo. The result is a slowdown during startup because of all the interfaces, and ifconfig's output gets cluttered.

You can manually remove the interfaces through Device Manager. Start it up (run devmgmt.msc), then turn on hidden devices:

Under Network adapters, you'll find the whole list of adapters, starting with Microsoft 6to4 Adapter or Microsoft ISATAP Adapter, followed by a number. You can manually delete ("uninstall") all but the unnumbered adapters.

There are also ways to automatically uninstall these adapters, which is recommen  ...
On June 16th 2014 at 22:38, Jerrry wrote:
Thanks for elegant solution!!! one of the most CLEAR SOLUTION on web i°ve found. !!!the magic is: "netsh int teredo set state disabled" and "netsh int isatap set state disabled" ... totally helped... no more teredo and isatap tunels after reboot! many many THX!
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