posted on May 5th 2015, at 13:05
by lunarg
By default, Kodi (formerly known as XBMC), stores its data directory in the user's home folder (Mac/Linux) or roaming profile (Windows). Sometimes, this may not be desirable, especially when you have only a limited amount of space available on that particular drive (such as having a Windows installation on an small SSD). In that case, you may want to move the entire data directory (including the profiles, thumbnail caches and database files) to another drive.

There are various ways to achieve this, but I found out the most easiest (and also complete way) is to simply move the entire folder to another partition or disk, then symlink that folder to its original location. That way, you won't h  ...
On April 6th 2016 at 11:32, Dimuthu wrote:
I dont need to move entire folder, but i wont move several .xml files.

Actually i developed some .xml file and i wont to it content change time to time without login kodi home folder. there for I try to put that .xml file in another location. Can you help me..
On December 27th 2015 at 00:24, Navin wrote:
Can you clarify in the Win8 syntax for mklink which is the original folder.

My data is currently in

I want to move that to a SD Card in my bare bones laptop and that has a drive letter of D: assigned. So if I want to move the Kodi folder to D:\\\\KodiAppdata would I do below.

cd \\\\%APPDATA%
mklink /D Kodi \\\"D:\\\\KodiAppData\\\"