posted on August 17th 2015, at 13:25
by lunarg
EDIT: highlight required trailing dots + added CNAME for msoid.

If you're using a hosting provider which uses DirectAdmin for its DNS management, it may be a hassle to correctly configure DNS records for Office 365, mainly because of syntax issues. After some trial-and-error and googling, I finally managed to correctly devise the proper syntax to configure Exchange Online and Lync Online.

The set up of the entries below is a left and right field in the DNS management, safe for MX-records, which are set up elsewhere. For most services, don't forget to add the trailing . at the end of each record pointing to a Microsoft Server. Otherwise, resolving will incorrectly add your own do  ...
On June 14th 2015 at 06:43, Liliana wrote:
This was very helpful. It would have taken me longer to figure things out without your help. Thank you!
On October 31st 2013 at 17:26, Jason wrote:
Thank you for this.