posted on December 24th 2009, at 21:38
by lunarg

A quick update on the build of the computer. So far, not all components have arrived yet, but the ones that were present already allowed me to start building the system.


The case, motherboard, CPU, PSU have arrived and are built in. See the attached screens for a shot on these, and take a look at the attachment list to see descriptions with each pictures.

A few important things are still missing: RAM, video card and disks. Oh yeah, and the BD-drive.

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A look at the front of the case, as it was placed on the workbench for further tweaking of the wiring.

At the moment, there are no CD/DVD/BD drives present. A Plextor BD-reader/DVD-writer was ordered, but hasn't arrived yet.
The case is an Antec Twelve Hundred (as mentioned before); a complete overview of the hardware can be found in this post.

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A look inside the case.

You can clearly see the motherboard and CPU cooler. At the bottom is the 850W power supply. The one card present in the case is the X-Fi sound card - this is a PCIe card which is included with the motherboard; according to the manual the best place to put it is in that PCIe slot.

Clearly, it's still missing a video card and RAM, nor are there disks or CD/DVD/BD drivers present.

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A side view of the case, with a clear view on the wiring.

A cool thing about the Antec Twelve Hundred (and actually most (all?) of the gaming cases of Antec is the fact that there are spaces in the motherboard's backplane and side of the case to run the internal wires through. This makes things a whole lot more tidy inside: it removes cluttering the view, and ensures an optimal airflow.
It looks a bit like spaghetti, and it actually is. It took some doing (positioning and strapping) to get the wires just right so the case is closeable without pinching things.

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The rear of the case.

As you can see, it's still missing a video card. You can see the X-Fi sound card (which is included with the motherboard as a loose PCIe card, and the motherboard's connectors.

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