by lunarg on December 19th 2017, at 10:35

You can very easily update your appliance to the latest version of OpenVPN by following these instructions:

  1. Find the download URL to download the new package. You do not have to download it, you just need the link: using your webbrowser, navigate to Software Packages, click on Ubuntu, then copy the link for the Ubuntu 14 amd/x86 64-bit package. Use that URL in the next step.
  2. Log on to the appliance using SSH (or directly on the console), using the root account and the password (you should have this).
  3. Download the package using wget:
    wget download_URL_you_copied
    This will download the package and store it in the current folder on the appliance.
  4. Install the package:
    dpkg -i
    Note: don't forget to adjust the version part of the file name. It just match the name of the package you just downloaded.
    Also note that the installation will restart the OpenVPN services, which will disrupt active connections (users will be disconnected).
  5. Wait for the installation to complete. All settings, including license information and all certificates and keys, will be preserved.
  6. After the installation, you can safely (and optionally) remove the downloaded package to save some space on the appliance.
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