by lunarg on April 28th 2016, at 15:11

When pushing out the configuration from the HiveManager to Aerohive APs, and you have one or more captive portal in use, the update may fail with an error about unable to upload the captive portal files. The detailed error message reveals a problem with SCP (such as not enough free space to store files).

The problem is that the "web-directory", a local folder in the AP is taking up too much space on the flash memory. You can completely clear the folder through the CLI, then have the update put the captive portal files back.

  1. Log on directly to the access point with SSH, using the device admin user and the CAPWAP password you specified in the HiveManager.
  2. Clear the contents of the folder containing the captive portal files:
    # clear web-directory
  3. Reboot the device (press "Y" to confirm):
    # reboot
  4. After the device has been rebooted and is available again in HiveManager, run a new update of the access point.