by lunarg on May 3rd 2007, at 16:01

Some time ago, Debian has finally been adopted officially by HP as a supported Operating System. They even have released packages for Sarge for it.
Of course, in the meantime, Etch is the new stable of Debian, thus, I had to revert back to the old tweaking ways, described at On the various DL380 G5's I've worked with, this went very smoothly, and it runs perfectly. On the ML350 G5, it's something else...

The machine is a new ML350 G5, with a dual-core Xeon 5120. The system runs Etch AMD64 (stable), and everything seems to be in order. Installation of the agents went flawlessly either (with a bit of script tweaking to make up for the version difference).

The agents start up fine, and work properly, but unfortunately, a bit too good: once the hpasmlited is running, it triggers a system reboot. The syslog revealed the reason:

May  2 14:38:31 pbxcalpam hpasmlited[9887]: CRITICAL: System Fan Removed (Fan 6, Location CPU)
May  2 14:38:31 pbxcalpam hpasmlited[9887]: A System Reboot has been requested by the management processor in 60 seconds.

The thing is, it's very normal that Fan 6 (covering the second CPU socket) is not present, because there is no second CPU installed. I updated the BIOS to the latest version (as apparently, there was a newer version), but to no result.
My guess is that the agents inadvertently see the second core (it's a dual-core after all) as a new CPU, and thus detects a missing fan, covering the core.

Guess I'll have to log a call to HP. To be continued...