by lunarg on July 13th 2007, at 18:10

Because of my move, I had need of a media PC system, which allowed me to watch TV, record from TV, watch DVDs, listen to music and more. Buying a pc with Windows Media Center was not an option: linux has very wonderful applications and utilities to build such a sytem. For hardware, I had an old pc which I used as a server, but because of the wonderful capabilities of VMware, I decided to convert the machine to a so-called Media PC.

To contribute my efforts to the community, I decided to create some sort of a guide. It is not a real how-to, but rather the steps I took to get things running, along with descriptions and solutions to caveats and problems I encountered.
The guide can be found in the articles section. It should be pretty easy to find at the top of the list, because my Media PC is still in progress of being build and configured, and therefore, this guide is also a work in progress. Comments on any of the steps are, of course, very welcome, either here, or at the comments area, attached to the article.

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