by lunarg on October 8th 2015, at 12:25

When attempting to edit files from a Visual Studio or SQL Studio project, you get the following error:

TF204017 The operation cannot be completed because the user does not have one or more required permissions (Use) for workspace ...

This is because you are attempting to edit files inside folders that have been added to someone else's workspace. By default, that user's workspace is set to private, resulting in all files being locked for anyone except that user.

To circumvent the issue, you can either copy them, properly configure TFS, or, as a workaround, ask the user to set his/her workspace to "public".

  1. Start Visual Studio (2012).
  2. Connect to the Team Foundation Server
  3. In the menu, click: File → Source Control → Advanced → Workspaces
  4. Click the workspace, then click Edit.
  5. Open the advanced properties for the workspace by clicking the Advanced button.
  6. Set the Permissions dropdown to Public workspace. Then click OK.