by lunarg on September 19th 2012, at 12:48

When running some RemoteApp, published from a Windows 2008R2, you may sometimes experience that the application does not start properly. In the startup window, when clicking on the Details button, you see a black window and no contents at all. The problem mainly occurs when working via internet, via a wireless network, or some other slower-than-normal link. Additionally, when your session is logged off on the RDS server, you will be able to start the RemoteApp once; subsequently restarting the application results in the above specified behaviour.


The issue is caused by the Remote Desktop Session Host display driver on the RDS server. During the initial connection, the monitor layout packets for the client computer are dropped because the outgoing buffers are full. These buffers usually become full when the client computer uses a slow network (wireless network, or internet).


To resolve the matter, a hotfix has been made available by Microsoft to address this specific issue, and can be obtained here:

It is assumed that the hotfix will be included in the next service pack.

More information

For more information about the issue, consult KB 981156.

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