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In case of disaster, it is usually a very good idea to periodically back up the configuration of your network switches. This article lists syntax for backing up configuration to a TFTP server for different vendors.

In the syntax examples below, the IP for the TFTP is, and we're writing to the file switch.cfg.

Note that this article is definitely not complete. If you have additions to this article, please post them in the comments.

Dell, Cisco

The syntax for Dell and Cisco switches is mostly the same. For N-series and PowerConnect, a summary is displayed which needs to be confirmed, which is not the case for Cisco and Dell S-series.

For Cisco Small Business (SF- and SG-series), the CLI needs to be enabled before the command below can be used.

copy running-config tftp://

HPE, Aruba

HP and HPE A-series, including FlexFabric, have two ways of copying their config to TFTP:

backup startup-configuration to switch.cfg


tftp put flash:/config.cfg switch.cfg

Note that for older A-series, still branded H3C, only the second method works.

Juniper EX-series

Depending on the firmware version, TFTP may not be supported. You can use FTP, SCP or SFTP instead.

file copy /config/juniper.conf.gz ftp://username:password@ip-or-fqdn/folder/

If password is omitted in the URL, you will be prompted to enter it. If username is omitted, the username will default to the one used to log on to the switch.

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