Angry IP Scanner is a very fast, lightweight IP scanner. It has been around for a long time already, and used by many IT professionals to help accomplish tasks. Although version 3 of the program is available for some time now, I still like to use the old version (version 2), simply because it works on every system without the need for Java (version 3 requires Java, unfortunately).

Version 3 comes with an installer available as a download. Version 2 does not, and although it has the built-in ability to create shortcuts if the user chooses to, I rather prefer a proper installer, with proper uninstallation support, in short: the Windows-way. As no such installer exists, I decided to create my   ...
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License for Angry IP Scanner.

The program is licensed under GPLv2, according to its website.

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The NSIS script to create the installer for Angry IP Scanner.

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