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Angry IP Scanner is a very fast, lightweight IP scanner. It has been around for a long time already, and used by many IT professionals to help accomplish tasks. Although version 3 of the program is available for some time now, I still like to use the old version (version 2), simply because it works on every system without the need for Java (version 3 requires Java, unfortunately).

Version 3 comes with an installer available as a download. Version 2 does not, and although it has the built-in ability to create shortcuts if the user chooses to, I rather prefer a proper installer, with proper uninstallation support, in short: the Windows-way. As no such installer exists, I decided to create my own, using NullSoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS).

Prebuild installer

Because of copy- and redistribution rights, a prebuild installer is not available here, but continue reading for instructions on how to build the installer yourself.

Building the installer

Follow the instructions below to build the installer yourself. When complete, you will have a single executable file (called ipscan221-setup.exe) containing Angry IP Scanner, shortcuts in the start menu, and full uninstallation support through Windows Control Panel.

  1. Download and install NSIS.
    I recommend using version 3.x, and perform a full installation to ensure all required files and plugins are present. My script uses several plugins and graphics resources that are only present with a full install, and I'm not certain they are present on NSIS v2.x.
  2. Download the Legacy version of the Angry IP Scanner binary: direct link
    Note that you may have to turn off your antivirus during the download, or exclude the executable file from scanning.
    There's nothing fishy about it: see below for an explanation!
  3. Download the files from this article: ipscan.nsi and License.txt
    Place them in the same folder as where you put the executable from the previous step.

You should now have 3 files in place in the same folder: ipscan221.exe, ipscan.nsi, and License.txt.

  1. In Windows Explorer, right-click ipscan.nsi. If NSIS was properly installed, you should now see two additional items in the popup menu:
    Compile NSIS Script
    Compile NSIS Script (Choose Compressor)
    Clicking Compile NSIS Script will start up the compiler and create the installer file.
  2. If the compile went well, a new file will appear in the folder, called ipscan221-setup.exe. This is the installer, which you can now use to install Angry IP Scanner.


As Angry IP Scanner is licensed under the terms of GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2), and so is this installer script for NSIS. When building the installer, the license of the program contained in the installer does not change, and thus usage of the program remains under the terms set in its license.

More information about the GPL:

Angry IP Scanner is NOT a virus or malware

Angry IP Scanner is tagged by many antivirus vendors as being malware or a virus. This is NOT the case!

It has built up a reputation because this tool is also being used by malware writers and hackers, resulting in it having a bad name. Some vendors have since removed it from their lists, but some still refuse this (yes, Symantec, I'm looking at you!!)

More information:

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