by lunarg on April 12th 2007, at 17:36

Uninstalling a managed Symantec Antivirus is no picknick: it requires you to enter a so-called uninstall password, one which of course you never had to enter, or otherwise know about...

After numerous attempts of inserting the local administrator password, the domain admin password, the Symantec Control Center password, etc., I had nowhere to turn but to Google.

After a few searches, I stumbled upon a site explaining steps on how to remove the thing. Preparing myself for a lengthly uninstall process with many steps, the site mentioned between the steps, to try an uninstall using Add/Remove programs in Windows, and if it was a managed install, to use the password symantec.
As I didn't feel like going through the manual uninstall, I tried the password, and to my surprise, it actually worked!
It takes no computer scientist to tell that this method (the whole uninstall password and having to enter symantec) is not the most genius way, far from it. Is that the best Symantec can think up? An annoying password prompt, not configurable, and not (at least, not at first sight) uncircumventable. Djeez!

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