by lunarg on March 14th 2010, at 00:43

And so the flying season has started again, pretty much in the same way it ended: it was a dark damp and cold day, and not at all without technical difficulties.
The issues with our tow plane that were supposed to be fixed weren't really fixed. Our backup did perform flawlessly (a luck we did not have at the end of last season).

All of the little troubles and discomforts did not thwart the pleasure of having done about a dozen flights, most of them check flights to sign on after a long winter's break. Although having flown last week, it feels good to have flown a succesful tow and subsequent flight and landing on our own field. Kinda reminds me of last year's start and all.
The winter is running on its last legs (I hope), and the fly season is easing in... Joy!!