by lunarg on May 4th 2021, at 11:44

When syncing a OneDrive business account, the root folder name consists of "OneDrive" followed by the company name as registered in M365, e.g. "OneDrive - My Company Ltd.". For certain companies with longer names, this could result in lengthy folder names. There is a way to change (rename) this folder, though.

  1. Completely quit the OneDrive application.
  2. Using either Finder or Terminal, navigate to the folder: ~/Library/Containers/ Support/OneDrive/settings/Business1/
  3. There are a few INI-files in there. One will be a randomized SID-like number, followed by .ini, e.g. a183b583-a64a-28fd-818a-b4918a569c95.ini. Open this file with a plain text editor.
  4. Look for a long line which starts with libraryScope =. In that long line is a reference to the root path (between quotes), e.g. "/Users/user/OneDrive - My Company Ltd.". Change this path to match the new folder name (and location if you want to move it somewhere else). Don't change anything else!
  5. Rename/change/move the root folder name to match what you've specified in the INI-file.
  6. Start the OneDrive application again.
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