by lunarg on March 19th 2015, at 16:04

Internet Explorer's Enhanced Protected Mode is an additional layer of security that protects our computer against malicious content from exploiting Internet Explorer and prevents infections on your computer. It is available since Internet Explorer 10, and only on 64-bit versions of Windows. It works by running all Internet Explorer processes in 64-bit mode on a 64-bit computer. Starting from Windows 8, EPM also limits access to the registry and file system to certain (harmless) locations only, further enhancing security on that platform.

It is possible to enable EPM through Group Policy, provided you have the required Internet Explorer 10 ADMX or Internet Explorer 11 ADMX files present on your DC or central policy store. EPM is a user policy, and can be found at:

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Advanced Page

Two settings for EPM are available:

  • Turn on Enhanced Protected Mode
  • Turn on 64-bit tab processes when running in Enhanced Protected Mode

The second setting ensures all tab processes run in 64-bit mode.

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