by lunarg on April 10th 2013, at 15:51

A very quick install guide to installing the 2X Application Server.

  1. Install RDS roles and set up RDS licensing on your server (i.e. you need a working RDS/TS set up on your server).
  2. Download and install the 2X Application Server.
  3. Publish your applications.
  4. Starting from 2008, configure the firewall so connections to port 80/tcp are accepted.

2X Cloud Portal

The same pointers to installing the 2X Cloud Portal. I assume 2X Application Server is already installed.

  1. Install the following roles:
    • IIS and dependencies
    • Application Development → ASP, ASP.NET 3.5 ASP.NET 4.5
    • IIS Management Scripts & Tools
  2. Download and install the 2x Cloud Portal. Select the right
  3. Disable caching in IIS: in IIS Manager, go to Sites → 2X Web Server → Output Caching. Prevent caching on .aspx (see the installation manual for more info).
  4. Provide your users with the following URL: http://WEB_SERVER_NAME/2XWebPortal/Logon.aspx.
Don't be tempted to set the site's default document to Logon.aspx. This breaks session management, resulting in your users to be able to log in but not start any application.
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