by lunarg on December 14th 2017, at 14:00

If you're making changes to the datastore, setting up a new cluster and have a lot of hosts, and wish to set up system logging, you can do so very quickly using PowerCLI.

First, add all the hosts to the vCenter like you normally would. Then, connect to the vCenter server and run this cmdlet:

Get-VMHost | % {
    $vm = $_
    $vm | Get-AdvancedSetting "" | Set-AdvancedSetting -Value "True" -Confirm:$false
    $vm | Get-AdvancedSetting "" | Set-AdvancedSetting -Value "[DataStore01] ESXiLogs" -Confirm:$false

The cmdlet above will set the system log location to a folder on DataStore01 and enables unique log directory to create a folder for each host.

By adjusting the cmdlet above, you can also quickly set other advanced settings, too!