by lunarg on February 2nd 2010, at 14:30

Devolutions has come up with a new release of their Remote Desktop Manager: a software tool allowing management of all your remote connections (like VNC, RDP, SSH) and so much more. Its latest version is a vast improvement over their previous stable releases, and is a must-have tool for all ICT employees out there with a lot of remote connections to manage (such as myself).

It comes in two flavours:

  • The Standard Edition is freeware and houses the majority of the features. It allows the storage to various datasources, including MS Access (containing shared access if you will).
  • The Enterprise Edition is not free, but has some advanced features, such as password saving to a shared datasource, using enterprise grade datasources (MS-SQL), and so on...

A full list of applications and protocols supported by Remote Desktop Manager is found on their official website.


At the company I work for (Cats & Dogs), we have found our perfect companion in Remote Desktop Manager. We use a shared Access database stored on a network share, in which we have stored virtually everything that's under our management. Sharing a datasource means less hassle about every user having to manage its own connections; if one user adds a connection, everyone has it readily available. Rather than having to search for hostnames, IP addresses, passwords and other settings, we have access to these remote installations from a double-click in RDM, or - even faster - from the system tray. Not only does it allow for much easier and faster access to our remote installations, it decreases frustration from having to look up required info to connect to a certain host, and losing track of your open sessions is also a thing of the past thanks to its open session tracking (also implemented in the system tray icon). Its folder-based layout allows for a much cleaner classification of hosts, and the name and description fields allow for a clarity in naming, and the ability to add and access additional information from within one application and one datasource.
In short, RDM has made our lives a whole lot easier; it's a real time saver, and seriously eases our minds and nerves.

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