by lunarg on August 31st 2010, at 14:47

Starting September 1st, Belgacom is changing the specs of some of their subscription types. The biggest change is probably that of upstream speed, which is increased significantly for all types. Additionally, the two more expensive types get an upgrade of their download speed as well.

Subscription Old upload speed New upload speed
Internet Start 256 kbps 400 kbps
Internet Comfort 1 mbps 1.5 mbps
Internet Favourite 1.5 mbps 3.5 mbps
Internet Intense 2 mbps 4.5 mbps

For the last two subscription types, the download speeds are increased as well:

Subscription Old download speed New download speed
Internet Favourite 20 mbps 25 mbps
Internet Intense 20 mbps 30 mbps

The changes to these subscriptions will not take place immediately, but will be introduced gradually. Also, these speeds are of course subject to quality of the signal (like with any DSL).

Whether and when the competition is going to react is currently uncertain, but they probably will. In the past, Telenet, a direct competitor providing internet access through cable, has always followed these adaptations closely and vice-versa.
Such competition will eventually benefit the end-user, so let's hope the battle will rage on. After all, in Belgium, internet subscriptions are one of the most expensive in Europe.