by lunarg on September 30th 2013, at 09:51

You can change/set the From-addresses in FreePBX to something you want.

System notifications

Change the address in Admin » System Admin. To the right, click on Notification Settings, then fill in the From Address.

Voicemail notifications

These are set up from within Asterisk, and are located at Settings » Voicemail Admin. Click on the Settings link, then scroll down until you find serveremail. Change it to whatever you want.

Next, because it uses Postfix to e-mail out voicemail notifications, you'll also have to change a parameter in there:

  1. Open a shell to your box (SSH).
  2. Type nano /etc/postfix/
  3. Find and change, or add a line: mydomain Fill in the domain you want. It should be the same as you set for voicemail notifications.
  4. Restart Postfix: service postfix reload or postfix reload.
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