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The Intune Certificate Connectors provides users and devices managed by Intune (joined in Azure AD) to (auto-)enroll certificates in an Active Directory Certificate Authority, either on-premise or in Azure. The connector is a piece of software which allows Intune to enroll and issue certificates on behalf of users/devices that aren't joined directly in the local AD but are joined in Azure AD instead, and needs to be installed on a server in the same AD domain as the Certificate Authority.

The installation is outlined here, but it isn't entirely complete as it omits a few requirements. After the installation, you are required to enter the credentials of an account with Azure Global administr  ...
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Microsoft has released the Azure Active Directory Connect to the general public. Azure AD Connect replaces (although "incorporates" is a better word) DirSync as the new tool to set up synchronization between your on-premise Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, including Office 365.

The current version of Azure AD Connect is only the beginning. Microsoft has announced a lot more features, which will be made available in the next versions.

More information and installation resources:

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By default, Azure blocks all access to your SQL Azure database, unless you specifically add firewall rules for your IP. In some cases you may need access from any IP in the world (e.g. when you want to use Remote Desktop Manager through Azure and require access from any IP). In this case, you have to adjust the firewall so access from all IP's are allowed. Here's how.

Allowing public access to your SQL database effectively opens up access from anywhere, increasing the risk of unauthorized access. Do not use this with in a production environment, or with sensitive data. Change the login and password to your database to something very complex.
In case of Remote Desktop Manager, enable  ...
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