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by lunarg on November 7th 2015, at 15:43
To enable SSH on Dell Networking N-series (formerly known as Dell PowerConnect), you first have to generate the required private RSA and DSA keys. If you don't, you're met with a very secretive error message:

SSH could not be enabled.

To generate the keys, and configure and enable SSH, log on to the switch using the console cable or log on through Telnet:

Go into EXEC mode, then in CONFIG mode:


Generate both the RSA and DSA keys:

crypto key generate rsacrypto key generate dsa

Now, you can enable the SSH server:

ip ssh server

Optionally: you can also change the protocol and/or default listen port:

ip ssh protocol 2ip ssh port 22

Optionally: after enabling SSH, you c  ...
showing posts tagged with 'powerconnect'