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Found this very handy WEP key convertor online (HEX to ASCII and back):

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Set Auto Logon NT is a quick-n-dirty tool to set up automatic logon using the "NT Winlogon" method. It works similar to AutoLogon from Sysinternals but, at the moment, does not encrypt the password.

As the program will most likely be used by sysadmins, it is published as a ZIP file (no installer), and is therefore entirely portable, and without dependencies. It has been tested on all versions of Windows, starting from Windows 2000. Windows 95/98/Me is not supported.

The real purpose of this tool was more of a personal nature and was to try out three new things in "the old Borland C++ Builder". (Yes, I know I should really switch to a newer version or use VC.)

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The Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier (fciv.exe) is a command line tool you can use to calculate MD5 and SHA1 hashes for files.

It is a suitable alternative to linux's md5sum, and eliminates the need for third party tools or Cygwin.

showing posts tagged with 'sysadmin'
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