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by on January 1st 1970, at 01:00

If you need to perform packet captures on virtualized appliances, it can be useful to get a statically linked binary of "tcpdump" on hand, especially because tools such as a compiler or package repositories are not on hand on those appliances.

You can download the latest statically linked binary of "tcpdump" via Github:

by on January 1st 1970, at 01:00
There's a known issue when attempting to configure a network adapter to set a static IP address through SConfig on a freshly installed Windows Server 2022 Core. Upon attempting to configure the IP address, it will fail with the following error message:

Setting NIC to static IP...

Failed to release DHCP lease.

Result code: 83
Method name: ReleaseDHCPLease

You can manually work around the issue by configuring the IP address using Powershell directly:

First, list all network adapters present to find the correct one:Get-NetAdapter

You can reference by Name (InterfaceAlias) or by ifIndex (InterfaceIndex).

Next, remove any existing (APIPA) addresses:Remove-NetIPAddress -InterfaceAlias  ...
showing posts tagged with 'tcpdump'