by lunarg on November 4th 2011, at 14:51

You can remote-reboot your Polycom phones from the Asterisk CLI by sending a SIP NOTIFY command. This command instructs the phone to recheck its configuration, and therefore, will reboot when certain parameters have been set in your phone configuration provisioning.

Make sure the following directive is set in your provisioning config:

 <specialEvent voIpProt.SIP.specialEvent.checkSync.alwaysReboot="1" />

You find this in sip.cfg, or you can set it in your own configuration (mine's called aaps-settings.cfg, but that's just an arbitrary name).

When setting this variable in your own configuration, be sure that it's set in the right context, like so:
   <specialEvent voIpProt.SIP.specialEvent.checkSync.alwaysReboot="1" />
   <outboundProxy voIpProt.SIP.outboundProxy.address=""/>

Note that if this was set to the default of 0, then you will have to manually reboot the phones. Sending the SIP NOTIFY command won't work until the new config has been fetched (by rebooting the phone).

Add the next directives to /etc/asterisk/sip_notify.conf to create the proper SIP NOTIFY command:


Don't forget to reload Asterisk.

Now, you can use the sip notify command to reboot a phone:

CLI> sip notify reboot-plcm 200

The command above will reboot a phone with extension 200. Substitute 200 to suit your environment.