by lunarg on October 10th 2017, at 14:36

To properly shut down the NetApp (through the CLI):

  1. First, close down all I/O to the NetApp by dismounting volumes, turning off servers, etc.
  2. Log in on the NetApp through the CLI, using either a console cable or via SSH. Note that if you use SSH, you will not be able to see the complete shutdown sequence.
  3. On the first controller, turn off cluster failover:
    cf disable
  4. Shut down the controller:
  5. Log on to the other controller (using SSH or swap the console cable), then shut down that controller too:
  6. Wait until the shutdown sequence has completed before removing power from the controller chassis, then turn off the enclosures. You can use a console cable to verify whether the shutdown sequence has completed.

To start up the NetApp:

  1. Verify the controller chassis's power is off. Apply power to all enclosures and wait for them to initialize.
  2. Power on the NetApp controller chassis. Connect the serial cable to one of the controllers (either one will do). Note that you cannot use SSH for this.
    If AUTOBOOT is enabled, the following steps are not needed as the controllers will boot up automatically. If not, do the following:
    1. Wait for the initial start up to complete, then start the system:
    2. Connect the serial cable to the second controller and do the same:
  3. Once the system is booted, you can log in using SSH again. You still need to enable cluster failover:
    cf enable
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