by lunarg on August 11th 2015, at 15:44

With the next version of this site postponed again, I decided to resolve some long standing issues with the current version, and make some changes as well:

  • You can finally press Enter when searching for stuff. This did not work because of a missing JS function.
  • Removed all local inclusions of CSS and JS and moved them back to separate files. I've also removed any dynamic JS code creation and replaced them with JS-only equivalents for cleaner code. As a result, I had to fix and/or modify several other functions on the site (search-within-section in particular).
  • Fixed listing of posts for a specific month. It did not work properly for months before October of each year due to a missing leading zero in the link.
  • Further layout fixes with the search and login boxes (Chrome worked, Firefox did not). I also fixed the title appearing next to the page navigation when a lot of results are displayed.
  • Some minor changes to default blog post layout (such as spacing between list items, font sizes, etc.)

Future changes, if I find the time:

  • Better navigation when a large set of posts are displayed (e.g. when showing posts by tags. The current page navigation is a bit clumsy when many pages are available.
  • Further changes to the layout, especially the blog post fonts and sizes. Although this will greatly depend on what is possible without breaking the site and still maintaining a sense of unity.
  • A complete redesign of the comments section. I get too much spam right now, and frankly, I don't really like its current design and usability.
  • A more enhanced Projects section. Right now, it's just a front for blog posts with some additional (and perhaps not very useful?) fields.
  • A section for useful links on the internet I wish to share. I now just dump them in a blog post.
  • I may also re-introduce the Gallery section, in which case I still have to figure out what to put in there.
  • Possibly more changes and bug fixes as I encounter them.

Of the list of planned changes, not everything will probably be handled. The main idea is still to redesign the entire site. All will depend on the time I have for it.

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