by lunarg on April 20th 2010, at 13:36

The print server properties have been misplaced a bit in Windows 7. Before, you could right-click in the window showing your printers, then choose the dialog from the menu. In Windows 7, this no longer works, as they've kicked out that particular menu entry.

But all is not lost: it still exists, but is not directly accessible anywhere. You need to use MMC, add the right snap-in, and that one provides you with full acess to the server properties.

  1. Start mmc (start -> run, type in mmc);
  2. From the menu, choose File, then Add/remove Snap-ins
  3. In the available snap-ins list, scroll down until you find Print Management, click the Add > button, then click OK.
  4. In the following window, click the Add local server button, then click Finish. Again, click OK.
  5. When completed, open up the tree to the left. In Print server, you'll find the various items you were searching for.
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