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One of the more recurring issues is slow printing of PDF files in Adobe Acrobat. While Acrobat itself works smoothly, printing sometimes comes to a complete halt, taking up to 10 minutes (or even more) per page to print. The more complex the PDF document becomes, the more apparent the problem becomes.

By default, Adobe prints to your printer using PS commands, which then get converted by the printer driver to a language your printer understands (PCL, PS, HPZL, HPGL, ...). More complex PDF documents, i.e. PDF's with lots of objects, a lot of embedded fonts, damaged images, etc., generate more and more complex commands, resulting in spooler files that are a multiple of the original document,   ...
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Ever so often, owners of a HP Laserjet 1020 or 1022 may run into a problem with the print spooler crashing over and over for no apparent reason. Restarting the spooler causes an immediate crash, and the only way to get rid of the problem is by removing (sometimes by force) all printers. The observant type has already noticed (the title of this post says it all) that the common dominator is indeed the 1020/1022 printer, and that the problem usually occurs upon attempting to print one or another PDF document.

In truth, the problem is caused by newer versions of the HP Host-based printer driver. For some reason, a part of the HP driver crashes upon parsing certain PDF documents (usually scan  ...
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The print server properties have been misplaced a bit in Windows 7. Before, you could right-click in the window showing your printers, then choose the dialog from the menu. In Windows 7, this no longer works, as they've kicked out that particular menu entry.

But all is not lost: it still exists, but is not directly accessible anywhere. You need to use MMC, add the right snap-in, and that one provides you with full acess to the server properties.

Start mmc (start -> run, type in mmc);

From the menu, choose File, then Add/remove Snap-ins

In the available snap-ins list, scroll down until you find Print Management, click the Add > button, then click OK.

In the following window, click   ...
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When printing from a Vista computer to a shared computer, you notice the following:

Printing takes a long time to begin.

Opening the Print dialog (e.g. in Word) takes a long time.

Selecting printers in the Print dialog is slow.

The real reason is unknown, but Vista seems to have a problem with excessive querying of the printer. Along with the usual slowdowns of network traffic, this causes serious slowdowns.

The trick is to have Vista believe it is dealing with a local printer, rather than a shared printer. This is done by specifying a Local printer port, pointing to the share, then configure the printer on that port:

Open Printers, and then Server Properties.

Select the Ports tab, an  ...
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