by lunarg on September 27th 2018, at 10:15

Folder view preferences are stored separately in a hidden file called .DS_Store in each folder. If you want to reset the folder view options to the default settings, you can use Terminal to do a search for those files and remove them.

To remove them in your home folder, you can run this:

find ~ -name ".DS_Store" -delete

Note that you can also do this on network shares. Just adjust the search path accordingly.

Suppose you have a share mapped to smb://server/data, then you would type:

find /Volumes/data -name "*.DS_Store" -delete
Be very careful with this command. It will not ask for confirmation!
Making a typo (like forgetting to add the -name parameter) could result in permanent data loss.
It is always recommended to check what will be deleted by omitting the -delete parameter, which will give you a listing of what will be deleted.