by lunarg on April 20th 2015, at 15:42

There are two methods of uninstalling vSphere Replication from your vcenter, depending on whether or not the replication appliance is still present and accessible.

Uninstall vSphere Replication

Unregister the appliance from vCenter, then turn off and delete the appliance.

  1. If not turned on, turn on the replication appliance.
  2. Stop all replications in both directions.
  3. Disconnect any open connections to other replication sites.
  4. Connect to the VAMI of the appliance through web: https://vr-appliance-address:5480
  5. From the Configuration tab, click Unregister from vCenter server.
  6. In the vSphere Web client, power off and delete the replication appliance. The plug-in will be uninstalled automatically.

vSphere Replication appliance no longer exists or is broken

If the appliance is already gone, you need to manually unregister the replication extension from the vCenter server. This is done through the Managed Object Browser.

  1. Go to the MOB at https://vCenter_Server_address/mob/?moid=ExtensionManager , using vCenter server credentials. Note that the MOB is not the same as the vSphere Web client.
  2. In the extensionList property, look for and click on com.vmware.vcHms. Verify that the information you see is from the replication appliance.
  3. Go back to ExtensionManager, click UnregisterExtension.
  4. At the Key prompt, type com.vmware.vcHms, then click Invoke Method.
  5. The result should display a single word: void.
    If it does, the extension was succesfully removed.
    If an error message is displayed, the extension may not be registered, or some other error has occured.
  6. Go back to the ExtensionManager and verify that the extension for replication (com.vmware.vcHms) is no longer present in the extensionList property.