by lunarg on January 16th 2008, at 19:20

"Aaaah, the story continues..."

I was browsing through the future releases section of my favourite online shop for games and DVDs (, and saw most pleasingly, the announcement of Far Cry 2. "Neat!", I thought, "Ubisoft and Crytek are gonna make a sequel of the very first Far Cry."
A quick google led me to the official site.

The happy feeling I got didn't last long though... After reading the features on the key features page, I was quickly disappointed by a lot of things.

First of, despite their Far Cry® 2, the true sequel to the award-winning PC game (literally quoted), it is not a sequel to Far Cry: there's no mention of anything of the first game, nor mentioning of time, place, or any other circumstances. In fact, it is a whole new game, which has nothing to do with Far Cry at all!
The story takes place in Africa somewhere, and it doesn't seem to contain any form of mutants, or near-futuristic weapons. There's no mentioning of the lead player, or your attractive counter-part from the first game.

Okay, fine, no real sequel. Let's not shoot them before all of the facts are known.
Reading a bit more about the story, and along with the feature of Open World, and more talk about freedom of movement.... Hmmmm, wait a minute: factions at war, freedom of movement; I'm having a deja-vu here. Oh yeah, right, sounds a lot like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Score minus 2.

Next up, talk about the Dunia 3D engine, specifically built for Far Cry 2. Whoooa, am I reading this right? Part of the whole name of Far Cry was just because CryEngine (from Crytek) was used! So are they really creating a Far Cry 2, with nothing in common with the first game (aside of the name), and without CryEngine?! WTF?!? Looks like we're down to minus 3.

There are some positive points, I'm sure. The engine has some neat things that are (currently) not really present in CryEngine2 (although I'm pretty sure it can easily match Dunia). As for gameplay, I'm also sure there are a lot of cool things in there. Actually, I'm pretty sure the game would be good in its own right; don't get me wrong here.
But calling it Far Cry 2, and claiming it to be the sequel to Far Cry, while it has nothing to do with that game? No way! It's like having Half-Life 3 without Gordon Freeman, Quake 5 without Strogg, or Diablo with fluffy bunnies... although the latter would probably be scarier...