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I noticed it's not very straightforward where the save games for Tomb Raider (2013) are stored. Depending on how you purchased the game, it's in a different location.

Note that it is not really straightforward to restore the saves afterwards (see below). For that reason, it's better to enable Steam Cloud and have your files synced to the cloud.

For the Steam version, it is located at:

<Steam folder>\userdata\<profile id>\203160\remote

Note that the ID for the game may be different, although, if you have the latest version, it should be as displayed. In any case, if you can't find it, try searching for files called profile.dat or save1.dat.

For the retail box or Origin, the s  ...
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Oculus has revealed its consumer version of the VR-goggles Oculus Rift. It will be available Q1 2016, and although no official prices were published, the goggles should be made available with a modified PC of around USD 1500.

The goggles consists of two small OLED monitors and two lenses, which can be adjusted to match the user's eyes. It also includes an integrated headset, but can be replaced by the user's own preferred headset.

The goggles will also include a controller called Oculus Touch, of which two will be included in the consumer's release package. The controllers allows the user to have their "hands" displayed in the virtual world, and allows for pointing and manipulati  ...
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An interesting take on why the ending of Bioshock Infinite would be improbable: (SPOILER ALERT!)

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There are some issues with Quake 4 on modern video cards. Even with Ultra Quality enabled, the graphics still looks awful: textures are at their lowest quality, shaders and shadows are missing, etc.

The problem can be resolved by editing q4baseQuake4Config.cfg in your game directory, and overwriting these values:

seta image_ignoreHighQuality "0"
seta image_cacheMegs "512"
seta image_downSize "0"

Also, for Windows 8 and 8.1, you may have to enable compatibility mode on the Quake4.exe and enable Disable display scaling on high DPI settings. This ensures the game display fits your monitor properly.

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Ran into a problem with my Fallout 3 saving, oddly enough for the first time ever. Every time I tried saving my savegame, the game crashed with an access violation. As long as I did not save, there was no problem, but hey, what's the use about not saving your game...
The problem started appearing right after I started the Broken Steel quest line, but even outside the quest line, I have this problem.

As a member of Fallout Nexus, I was nosing around the mod repository when I stumbled upon an unusual post: Crash To Desktop Begone. It explained a plausible reason for the problem: upon saving a game, a conflict occurs with the animation sequences and saving, causing the crash. Considerin  ...
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"Aaaah, the story continues..."

I was browsing through the future releases section of my favourite online shop for games and DVDs (, and saw most pleasingly, the announcement of Far Cry 2. "Neat!", I thought, "Ubisoft and Crytek are gonna make a sequel of the very first Far Cry."
A quick google led me to the official site.

The happy feeling I got didn't last long though... After reading the features on the key features page, I was quickly disappointed by a lot of things.

First of, despite their Far Cry┬« 2, the true sequel to the award-winning PC game (literally quoted), it is not a sequel to Far Cry: there's no mention of anything of the first game, nor  ...
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One of the many anticipated games of this year, is Bioshock. It is described by its creators as new and unique experience in its genre.
It's set at the bottom of the ocean where the only way to survive is to use everything at your disposal, including genetic alteration to make your own body into a deadly weapon.

Title: Bioshock

Release date: August 2007

Developed by: 2K Games

Genre: FPS


Mid-atlantic, 1960, the airliner you're on crashes into icy waters. By luck, you managed to survive the crash, and among the wreckage you see a towering light house. Inside, you discover a rusty bathysphere, descending into Rapture, a city, built by a man with a  ...
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Lara Croft is once again back, and better before.
After the gloomy story of TRAOD (aka TR6), she returns to a more classic setting and content, while renewing the gameplay.

Title: Tomb Raider Legend (Tomb Raider 7)

Release date: April 2006

Developed by: Crystal Dynamics

Published by: Eidos

Genre: 3rd person 3D action adventure


At the age of 9, Lara Croft survived a plane crash in the Himalayas. Unfortunately, her mother did not. On her own, Lara managed a 10-day hike from the crash site to Kathmandu.
The rest of her childhood, she stayed under the care of her father Richard Croft, count of Abbingdon and archeologist. When Lara was 18, her father die  ...
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The continuation of Half-Life 2 is here... Find out what happened after the events of Half-Life 2. A must-have for all Half-Life fans...

Title: Half-Life 2: Episode One (aka: Half-Life Aftermath)

Release date: June 2006

Developed by: Valve

Published by: Valve

Genre: first person shooter


Half-Life 2, already been considered by many organization and reviewers as the best fps, is been continued by episodic releases. The first one, episode one, takes place right after the events of the original Half-Life 2, where the Citadel's portal has been destroyed, and the G-man (as we all came to know him) wants to return Gordon to the eternal void to wait in stas  ...
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