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You can easily backup the complete configuration of a Brocade FC switch through the CLI. It works similar to that of a Dell or Cisco switch, allowing to copy the configuration to a remote server. FTP, SCP, SFTP and others are supported.

Log on to your switch through the CLI, then:

Switch1:admin> configupload
Protocol (scp, ftp, sftp, local) [ftp]: scp
Server Name or IP Address [host]:
User Name [user]: remoteuser
Path/Filename [<home dir>/config.txt]: /home/remoteuser/switch1.txt
Section (all|chassis|switch [all]): all
remoteuser@'s password:

configUpload complete: All selected config parameters are uploaded
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You can quickly clear all port statistics on a Brocade SAN switch. Log on to the switch through CLI and run either:


You can also use portstatsclear -i portnumber to clear individual ports or port ranges. To clear all ports on a 24-ports switch:

portstatsclear -i 0-23
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Assuming you have not configured that specific port as an L-Port, this can happen where the HBA did not completely log on to the fabric. This issue has been known to happen on Emulex HBAs.

To resolve, simply disable and re-enable the port on the SAN switch:

portdisable <port-number>
portenable <port-number>
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No_Light means there's no link on the port. Usually this indicates a problem with the physical wiring, either a faulty cable, or the TX/RX have been swapped.

No_Sync means there's a link on the port (so technically, wiring is okay), but there's a problem with the actual communication. The most common problem is a mismatch in speed on the switch port and the HBA on the other side. Your best bet would be to set the port's speed (temporarily) to auto-negotiate and see what speed is selected. If this does not work, try manually setting the port fixed to lower speeds.

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