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NOMAD has published a few in-flight etiquette rules to make any flight more enjoyable by everyone.

If you have or want to move your fellow passenger's luggage, notify that person. It saves agrevation and a long troublesome search.

Don't lean on the chair of the passenger in front of you. As a general rule: try to find a comfortable sleeping position within the space assigned to you. Leaning or pulling another one's chair is being felt, even when that person's asleep.

You want freedom of movement within the plane, get an aisle seat. If you like to have a window seat, no problem, but don't do it if you know you have to visit the toilet often. In that case, just choose an aisle seat. The peo  ...
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For a few weeks now I'm back from my holiday at Bronkow (Germany). It was my first soaring holiday abroad, and I must say that it was a revealing experience.

The weather was unfortunately not that great, but despite that, I still managed to fly around quite a bit. And with the less good weather, we also visited Berlin and Dresden, went to a spa nearby, went to Tropical Islands, and some other things. Of course, flying was the main activity: I flew some good times, did my first outlanding (albeit on another airfield), did my first flying-in-the-rain, and flew with water ballast for the first time. Others in our group did some "first timers" as well. For the pictures, check out the   ...
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