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There are plenty of phobias, some more common than others. Here are a few...

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AndrophobiaFear of men
AchluophobiaFear of darkness
AcrophobiaFear of heights
ArachnophobiaFear of spiders
AnemophobiaFear of wind and storms
BarophobiaFear of gravity
BathmophobiaFear of slopes and stairs
BrontophobiaFear of thunderstorms or lightning
ChionophobiaFear of snow
CatoptrophobiaFear of mirrors or of their own reflection
CoulrophobiaFear of clowns
DendrophobiaFear of trees or of forests (lots of trees)
DentophobiaFear of the dentist
EcophobiaFear of homes
EntomophobiaFear of all insects
FelinophobiaFear of cats
GamophobiaFear of marriage
HydrophobiaFear of water
LatrophobiaFear of medical doctors
KoinoniphobiaFear of rooms and some public rooms
LachanophobiaFear of vegetables (usually because they are afraid they swallow a seed and a plant will grow inside them)
MageirocophobiaFear of cooking (afraid of getting burned and cooking horrible food)
MegalophobiaFear of large objects (objects that are larger than you are)
MysophobiaFear of being dirty (usually linked to an OCD where hands have to be washed constantly)
NosocomephobiaFear of hospitals
ObesophobiaFear of increase in weight or being overweight (often leads to boulemia or anorexia)
OphidiophobiaFear of snakes (or reptiles in general)
OchlophobiaFear of large crowds
PapyrophobiaFear of paper
PyrophobiaFear of fire (or in worst cases: smoke)
QuadrophobiaFear of the number 4 (or anything that comes in 4)
RhytiphobiaFear of wrinkles
SelenophobiaFear of the moon
StretchophobiaFear of yoga
UranophobiaFear of Heaven (often for religious reasons)
VenustraphobiaFear of (pretty) women
WiccaphobiaFear of witches, witchcraft and black magic
XanthophobiaFear of the color yellow (objects that are yellow)
ZoophobiaFear of most/all animals
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