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There are plenty of phobias, some more common than others. Here are a few...

More of these at

AndrophobiaFear of menAchluophobiaFear of darknessAcrophobiaFear of heightsArachnophobiaFear of spidersAnemophobiaFear of wind and stormsBarophobiaFear of gravityBathmophobiaFear of slopes and stairsBrontophobiaFear of thunderstorms or lightningChionophobiaFear of snowCatoptrophobiaFear of mirrors or of their own reflectionCoulrophobiaFear of clownsDendrophobiaFear of trees or of forests (lots of trees)DentophobiaFear of the dentistEcophobiaFear of homesEntomophobiaFear of all insectsFelinophobiaFear of catsGamophobiaFear of marriageHydrophobiaFear of waterLatrophobiaFear o  ...
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Got this in my mailbox. It's a set of questions designed to indicate the possible presence of symptoms of a stroke. It's a set of four tasks you can have someone perform. If someone is acting strangely, you can use these to highlight possible symptoms of a stroke. Of course, it's not a definite answer, but it should help to tell whether that person should see a doctor or go to the hospital right away.

These four tasks/questions are:

Talk: have the person speak a simple sentence.

Laugh: have the person laugh out loud (tell a joke or let them watch a funny show).

Arms up: have the person put up both of their arms simultaneously.

Tongue: have the person stick out   ...
showing posts tagged with 'life'
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