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Terry Zink, an MVP, wrote a good article about the difficulty most common e-mail filters have at stopping phishing impersonation attacks using simple display tricks.

Full article:

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According to a poll by (a Dutch travelling website), the following countries are the most cheapest to go on vacation to


  1. Nepal
  2. Laos
  3. Bolivia
  4. Cambodja
  5. India
  6. Vietnam
  7. China
  8. Indonesia
  9. Myanmar
  10. Thailand

One can safely conclude that South-East Asia is the cheapest in the world to go to. But let's take a look at the other continents:


  1. Ethiopia
  2. Marocco
  3. South-Africa


  1. Czech Republic
  2. Slovakia
  3. Bulgaria

Latin America

  1. Bolivia
  2. Guatemala
  3. Venezuela
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ZeroHedge, a controversial financial and economical blog, is particular popular on Wall Street, because of its "straight-up" mentality. Although their writers often seem to have well-founded sources when it comes to financial news, sometimes they manage to have borderline conspiracy theories.

Their latest prediction is about ten countries that will disappear in the next two decades. According to the author, each of these countries have all the indications and the potential of disappearing very soon, whether it's because of economical, political or environmental causes.

The full article:

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